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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Ansari Mahapanchayat supports JAP, Pappu Yadav seeks resignation from Adityanath on Hathras rape-murder

Ansari Mahapanchayat supports Jan Adhikar Party

Pappu Yadav seeks resignation from Adityanath on Hathras rape-murder.

Jan Adhikar Party @ Desh Rakshak News

Patna : The entire organization, including the convenor of Ansari Mahapanchayat, Wasim Nair Ansari, Khurshid Alam Ansari, joined the Jan Adhikar Party (LO) along with all its members. Praising the Ansari Mahapanchayat, National President of JAP Pappu Yadav welcomed him in the JAP and said that now the rule of Bihar and Bihari will run. In a ceremony organized for this meeting held at Chanakya Hotel, he once again invited the Congress party and Upendra Kushwaha to join the Pragatishil Democratic Alliance ( PDA ).

Pappu Yadav condemned the Hathras rape-murder and said that either Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath should resign or be sacked. Women's safety is the first priority of Jan Adhikar Party.

On this occasion, he challenged both the power and the opposition to bring him his own affidavit.

Pappu Yadav further said that on the one hand Lalu Prasad claims Muslims to be his leadership by showing fear of BJP and on the other hand Nitish Kumar demands votes by showing upper caste fear of Lalu. I will end the politics of fear and fear from Bihar. The Jap president claimed that if anyone can fight the BJP, it is the PDA.

Pappu Yadav told RLSP president Upendra Kushwaha that you should become the chief minister but come together first and save Bihar from communalism and casteism. He told the Congress that he would have to get rid of the RJD family.

The JAP president reiterated the promise of his pledge that he would end the rule of mafia-dishonest-broker. He said that if his government is formed then in six months either he will stay or he will remain mafia. He alleged that the central government was ending the job in a place with 90% employment. It is hurting the souls of farmers, laborers and small and medium traders.

National Principal General Secretary Ejaz Ahmed, Raghavendra Singh Kushwaha, National General Secretary Rajesh Ranjan Pappu, State Vice President Awadhesh Lalu, Tikka Khan were present on the occasion.


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