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Saturday, September 26, 2020

When America named their largest warship Hyder Ally after Haider Ali. Know why Americans were inspired by him?

America named their largest warship after Hyder Ali The Emperor of Mysore (India) , known in the US as Hyder Ally, which means "Friend Haider", know why Americans were inspired by him?

Haider Ali @ Desh Rakshak News

You must have heard the name of Haider Ali ..? Yes, he was the father of Tipu Sultan and the Sultan of Mysore, he was a man who did not bow down to the British in the whole of his life and kept fighting the freedom of the British, which the British believed and that the British could not win any of the battle fought with Haider Ali and defeat always became their fate.

But do you know that there was a "Haider Ali" in America who took part in the war against the British and it was not a human being, it was 'Hyder Ally', the ship of the American fleet. Hyder Alley became a name in the 1770–80s that was enough to make the British sweat.

Now ask a question as to why "Hyder Ally" is the name. ??

Because Haider Ali was an anti-British icon that means anti imperialist icon and America's George Washington (former president) was strongly influenced by him. In America, the name of the icon has been the practice since the beginning of warship, perhaps Haider Ali was the first foreign icon to be named after a warship.

It is a matter of time when there was a movement against the British Empire in America, that America's freedom struggle was being fought, America's needed a hero to take inspiration from, Haider Ali was one of them or a hero. Most of the battle in which the warship Hyder Ally was named after Hyder Ali, the British had to enjoy defeat.

Actually America and France were friendly countries at that time and there was British government in America, but France also had good influence on America. In 1756–63, Britain defeated France in the battle between France and Britain, and the British Government occupied ​​Canada and the vast area of the Mississippi River Valley in France. Because of this the influence of France in America was reduced. France then formed a coalition that included the United States of America and the Mysore Sultanate of Haider Ali. Impressed by Haider Ali's fight against the British government, the US named its warship Hyder Ally to encourage its soldiers and give them an ideal an icon.

Haider Ali was the only foreigner at that time to name a warship warship named after the US, the only American to recognize his son Shaheed Tipu Sultan as the father of rockets, about whom the former President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam has also written in his book "Wings of Fire".


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