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Sunday, September 27, 2020

The Loin of the Desert: Omar Mukhtar, the zealous warrior of the Indian subcontinent.

Umar Mukhtar The warrior of the Indian subcontinent, The Lion of The Desert, who defeated the enemies, fought fiercely against imperialism and never accepted slavery.

Umar Mukhtar @ Desh Rakshak News

Omar Mukhtar said, "We do not surrender, we win or die, our father has given us the strength to fight against the oppression of spades! Every breed of yours will continue to receive Omar Mukhtar!"

During the issue, the judge asks Omar Mukhtar,

Judge: Do you believe that you have revolted?

Omar Mukhtar: Yes

Judge: Did you encourage your people to revolt against the Italy government?

Omar Mukhtar: Yes

Judge __ Do you know what the punishment will be?

Omar Mukhtar: Yes

Judge: Then your result is death with regret!

Omar Mukhtar: I have no regrets, this will be the best result of my life!

The judge tells Omar Mukhtar by giving advice and giving a fear of death, that if you stop your movement and tell the revolutionaries to leave the Tehrik (movement of Omar Mukhtar) then you will be left, Omar Mukhtar Looks at the judge for a moment, and then says to his historical words, "We will either achieve magnificent conquest or be martyred in the path of Allah for the sake of the country, and that is the real purpose of our life, you people breed by breed. Keep trying to eliminate us, every breed of yours will get Umar Mukhtar. "

There was a period of imperialism from the 15th century to the middle of the 20th century, when European countries started climbing Asia and African countries for the expansion of imperialism, there were some lion-hearted people who fought not only for their people. Led and gave them a message to return to their religious and cultural heritage, but presented a challenge to the Europeans that the Europeans themselves succumbed to their bravery, while presenting in front of them a model of behavior and reconciliation which the Europeans History has so far failed to present .. One of them was the Mukhtar of Libya - Omar Mukhtar. His full name was Omar al-Mukhtar Muhammad bin Farhat al Manifi, for his bravery he was called The Lion of the Desert. He was born in Zanzur, Libya on 20 August 1858 in the immediate Ottoman Empire and died on 16 September 1931 in Suluk, Libya, when he was executed by the imperial government of Italy.

Omar Mukhtar was a religious leader, he moved to Sudan in 1895 AD and participated in the Menhdi Sudanese movement against the British Empire, but after the failure of this movement he returned to Libya, after returning to prevent the encroachment of Italy on Libya. For this he revolted against the Mussolini government of Italy. In 1911 AD, Italy fought on the Sultanate of Osmania and annexed Libya, the Libyan people revolted against Italy in order to end the encroachment on Italy by the rebels who also had Umar Mukhtar.

Umar Mukhtar's armed rebellion had the effect that Mussolini, the head of the imperialist government of Italy, had to replace four Libyan generals in a single year, finally conceding Mussolini to send his most brutal soldier, General Grazani, to Libya. Omar Mukhtar and his soldiers also harassed General Grazani, General Grazani's army armed with cannons and modern weapons drove horse-drawn Omar Mukhtar and his companions, the imperialist army of Italy occupied the Libyan cities during the day. And by night Omar Mukhtar would have liberated those cities.

Omar Mukhtar was constantly dominating the Italian army and the new general had become a bonehead, eventually General Grazani made a move, he sent one of his soldiers to talk to Omar Mukhtar to settle the peace in Libya, Omar places his demands in front of the soldier, the soldier silently notes them in his diary. After noting all the demands, the soldier tells Omar Mukhtar that all these demands will be sent to Italy and presented to Mussolini, replies from Italy You will be notified as soon as you come back. The whole process will take time due to which Omar Mukhtar is told to wait, Omar Mukhtar waits and he stops all his attacks on the Italian army. But what comes from Italy? Dangerous Weapons, Bombs and Tanks - which could devastate the city, General Grazani sought not to compromise time, but to ask for weapons by deception. The insidious Grazani succeeded in his move and many of Libya's cities were completely destroyed by new weapons.

Nevertheless, in the Battle Field, Omar Mukhtar continued to fight for two years against the imperialist government of Italy and wounded in a skirmish with the Italian army, Omar Mukhtar was arrested on 11 September 1931 AD by General Grazani's army, 15 September 1931 Omar Mukhtar, handcuffed in the hands, feet, neck, was presented to General Grazani, General Grazani said to the 73-year-old lion, "Tell your men to lay down their arms." Omar Mukhtar gave it with great bravery and said We won't lay down arms, we will win or die and this war will continue ... You will have to fight with our next generation and then the next… and as far as I am concerned, I will live more than my hanger ... And Omar Mukhtar arrest is not going to stop the war ... General Grazani then asked "Why don't you beg me for your life? Maybe I am a duo…" Don't tell me that I begged for life in the desolation of this room. "After this, Omar Mukhtar woke up and exited the room with silence. After this, on 16 September 1931, Omar Mukhtar, the leader of the Libyan nation's struggle against Italian imperialism, was hanged in front of his own people.

Umar Mukhtar @ Desh Rakshak News

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