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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Pakistan's only aim is to deviate from the issues- Vimarsh Aryan, MEA Secretary, UNHRC

Vimarsh Aryan, India's first MEA secretary in the UNHRC, took a strong stand on Pakistan and said that Pakistan's only objective is to deviate from the issues.

Vikash Aryan @ Desh Rakshak News

Vimarsh Aryan said that as a member of the UNHRC Council, Pakistan's sole purpose is to divert the attention of the international community against its people, and in its occupied Indian territories, from serious human rights violations committed by it.

He went on to say that during this pandemic, when everyone is putting on a mask for the safety and security of fellow humans, Pakistan is unfortunately using another dangerous mask as an excuse to champion human rights as It violates minorities themselves by torture and oppression.


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