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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Hajipur, The Heart of Bihar, an ancient place.

Hajipur is a historic city on the eastern confluence of the Ganges River and the Gandak River, it is the headquarters of the Vaishali District of Tirhut Division in the state of Bihar, Republic of India. It was named Hajipur after name of Haji Ilyas, the 13th century ruler of Bengal (Bihar was a part of Bengal till the partition of Bengal in 1905). Hajipur is a Lok Sabha constituency and assembly constituency in the Indian democratic system, as well as Hajipur a city council and subdivision.

History of Hajipur —

In the 13th century, the present day Hajipur city used to be a village, then in the 13th century, Haji Ilyas Shah, the ruler of Bengal, built a fort here and established it as a town during his 13 years of ruled. After India's independence, Hajipur was a part of Muzaffarpur district but on 12 October 1972, it was separated from Muzaffarpur to become Vaishali district with its headquarters at Hajipur. On 8 September 1996, an important chapter in the history of the historic city of Hajipur was added when the city became the headquarters of the East-Central Railway with the efforts of Ram Vilas Paswan, the then Railway Minister and the then MP of Hajipur Lok Sabha constituency. Hajipur is famous for many national and regional level institutes and banana and mango production.

Major rivers of Hajipur -

The Ganges River flows at the south end of Hajipur and the Gandak River at the west end.

Major crop of Hajipur ———

The major crops of Hajipur are paddy, wheat, oilseeds, maize, tobacco, vegetable, banana and mangoes. Banana of Hajipur is very famous. Banana of Hajipur has been praised in various songs. Cauliflower in vegetable is a special identity here.

The main language or dialect of Hajipur —

Mainly Hindi, Urdu, Bajjika and English are spoken and understood in Hajipur. The official language here is Hindi, Urdu and English.

Major dishes of Hajipur —

In Hajipur, mainly roti-vegetable, rice-dal is the choice of the people but Litti-Chokha, which is recognized in Bihar, is also eaten here with great fervor, the taste of Litti made from gram sattu and Chokha made from bhatta brinjals is excellent. Apart from this, local dishes like Sattu, Chuda (Foha) - Curd, Dalpuri, Kachori or Puri, Malpua are the weakness of the people here. Garlic chutney, brinjal and potato bharta or chokha are also very much preferred.

Major festivals of Hajipur —

The major festivals of Hajipur are Dussehra, Chhath, Deepawali, Eid, Bakrid, Muharram, Holi, Mahashivratri and Nagpanchami. Apart from this, Krishna Janmashtami, Ganesh Utsav and other festivals are also celebrated in some parts.

Major tourist places of Hajipur —

  • Patleshwar Temple -
  • Sangi Jama Masjid - The Sangi Jama Mosque was built by the Governor Makhasush Khan in 1587 AD during the reign of Mughal Emperor Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar, it is also known as the Stone Mosque due to the complete stone structure.
  • Mamu-Bhanja's tomb - is the tomb of Sufi saints of the Mughal period.
  • Taj Baj puddle -
  • Ramchauda Temple -
  • Nepali Cantonment -
  • Haji Illayas Mazar & Park -
  • Toulouse -
  • Gandhi Ashram -

Assembly constituency-wise classification of Hajipur —

Hajipur is divided into 8 assembly constituencies-

Hajipur - Assembly Constituency Number 123

Lalganj - Assembly Constituency No. 124

Jandha - Assembly Constituency Number

Mahua - Assembly Constituency No. 126

Rajapakar - Assembly Constituency No. 127

Raghopur - Assembly Constituency No. 128

Mahanar - Assembly Constituency No. 129

Patepur - Assembly Constituency No. 130

Geographical location of Hajipur -

Hajipur is very important due to its geographical location, the Mahatma Gandhi bridge built on the Ganges river is called the Life Line of Bihar, this bridge connects North Bihar with the capital Patna and South Bihar. At the same time, the bridge on the Gandak River connects West Bihar with North Bihar, so it would not be wrong to call Hajipur as the Heart of Bihar.

Important institutes of Hajipur —

Educational Institutions -

  • Central Institute of Medicinal Education and Research (NIPER), Hajipur
  • Hotel Management, Catering & Nutrition Institute, Hajipur
  • Central Plastic Engineering Research Institute (CIPET), Hajipur
  • Kendriya Vidyalaya, Hajipur
  • Raj Narayan College, Hajipur
  • Jamuni Lal College, Hajipur
  • Satendra Narayan Singh College, Hajipur
  • Dev Chand College, Hajipur
  • Vaishali Women's College, Hajipur
  • State Sustainable Girls High School, Hajipur
  • GA Inter High School, Hajipur
  • Town High School, Hajipur

Other Important Institutions—

  • Railway Junction, Hajipur
  • East-Central Railway Headquarters, Hajipur
  • Sadar Hospital, Hajipur
  • City Council, Hajipur

Other Important Information —

Country -             India

State -                   Bihar

District -              Vaishali

Population -       1,47,688 (2011 census)

Male Population - 78,047

Female Population - 69,641

Area -                19.64 km²

Altitude from the sea - 46 m (151 ft)

Literacy -            76.80%

Pincode -             844101, 844102, 844125

Lok Sabha Number - 31

In Hindi -            हाजीपुर

In Urdu -             حاجیپور

In short -             HJP

Vehicle Code -    BR31

Telephone Code - +91 6224


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