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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Agriculture Bill 2020: Not for the benefit of farmers - SDPI Bihar

Darbhanga - Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) Bihar provincial president Naseem Akhtar in a press release said that the three bills passed by Parliament, Agricultural Produce Trade (Promotion and Facilitation) Bill 2020, Agricultural (Empowerment and Protection) Price and Expressing his reaction to the Agricultural Services and Essential Commodities (Amendment) Bill, he said that all the three bills were not for the benefit of the farmers but would benefit the corporates.

SDPI Naseem Akhtar @ Desh Rakshak News

He said protesting against the passage of the bill, a minister has resigned and farmers are on the streets against the bill, who also claim that the bill is totally against them. SDPI provincial president Naseem Akhtar added that farmers have not accepted the government's assurance that it will not affect the Minimum Support Price (MSP). He fears that the central government will end the current system of purchasing open-ended FCIs.

Farmers believe that the Food Corporation of India (FCI) and other central agencies will stop buying wheat and rice annually from the states. Which will bring them to the mercy of the merchants. These concerns of farmers cannot be ignored. Bills once passed in the Rajya Sabha deplete state tax revenue. This is contrary to the federal nature of the country.

SDPI provincial president Naseem Akhtar alleged that the central government was moving towards autocracy by not involving stakeholders in discussions on these issues. He urged the central government to address the concerns raised by farmers before implementing the bills.

At the same time, Naseem Akhtar said that the party fully supports the movements being run by the farmers across the country against this bill and on September 25, he announced his full support to the Bharat Band and Bihar Band against it. Trying to make this India shutdown a complete success against this anti-farmer bill, conspiracy against reservation, privatization of education and arrest of anti-CAA protesters.


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